Obtaining Citizenship & Naturalization in San Jose

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There are a number of ways United States citizenship can be granted. Of course, if you were born in the U.S. or born to parents who are citizens, you are automatically a citizen. Fortunately, an immigrant to the U.S. can be granted citizenship through the naturalization process. This procedure is complex and it is very important to consult with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

The general requirements for naturalization include:

  • You must have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must pass a test of your ability to read, write, and speak English.
  • You must pass an exam in basic U.S. history and government.
  • You must be willing to take the oath of allegiance.

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Why hire our San Jose immigration attorney?

Individuals who immigrate to the U.S. and then decide to become a citizen must meet special requirements and undergo a very extensive procedure. If you are wondering what the draw is to going through the naturalization process, our San Jose immigration lawyer at Byrd & Associates would be happy to enlighten you. There are many benefits involved, including being given the right to register to vote, and vote in elections, access to government jobs, and applying for a U.S. passport enabling you to travel. Once you are a U.S. citizen, you may also be able to sponsor your family-preference eligible and immediate relatives for residency.

At Byrd & Associates, we are thoroughly dedicated to immigration law and helping our clients achieve their immigration goals. Our founder has achieved the highest rating from Avvo - a Superb 10.0 - for professionalism and ability to provide high-quality legal counsel. Throughout the naturalization process, you will likely benefit from the support and guidance of our firm, where we are known for being extremely knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate.

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